Monday, November 23, 2009

Fried Feathers For Thanksgiving
By: James Stevenson
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
32 pages
Ages 4-8

There are two lazy, mean witches and one sweet little witch who are planning for Thanksgiving dinner.  The mean witches, Dolores and Lavinia, are excited about all the good food such as candied turkey claws and slug stuffing, however they are lazy and haven't even washed the dishes from last Thanksgiving.  They decide to invite the nice witch, Emma, and her friends over to their house for dinner.  Dolores and Lavinia have a long list of chores for them to do, then they kick them out only to realize that the dinner hasn't been cooked yet.  They decide to crash Emma's dinner and scare them away so that they can eat up all the food but find out that the trick is really on them.

This was a really cute story not just about being thankful for the friends and family close to us, but also about how being lazy and mean will get you nowhere in life.  In the end, I almost felt sorry for poor Dolores and Lavinia, with the emphasis being on almost.


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